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Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby good night

Today the mv T.O.P and GD is out .. and i have the post this hahaha, well these are just stupid and random thought s XD so please forgive me, i must admit that " Baby goodnight " is not my favorite song but  maybe this is the best video they made till today. but yeah i dont wanna think about it now  ( or else i die of jealously n it's not the case since i have started to feel better only recently )
You know how much I LOVE HIM, but dear T.O.P  can you please explain how u can open the bottle in ttah way ?? I am stil trying to figure out what kind of weird  position  your finger have !!!!!!!
O_________________O I should teach u .. right ?? :D

Your face really make me melting ..... oughhh can u feel me ??
make me crazy when i see your face, today and everyday

i wonder what it's like to see this before falling asleep

and ..... waking up and seeing this ... ah God HELP ME !!!!!!!!! XD

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