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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Graceful and elegant woman

Woman that knows how to use strategies in their life.Graceful and elegant woman who I think is :
1. women who muffle emotions with words and physically.
2. women who use the word said the gentle and courteous with a sharp sense.
3. women who are able to compete using his brain rather than talk, physical, or beauty
4. woman who could lose up to 100 and try that again is to 101, and so on.
5. women who accept the reality with sincerity.
6. woman who is blasphemed, but still smiling and chose not to reply to blasphemy.
7. women who are honest and have a leadership
8. women who have the humility and patience.
9. women who are able to maintain an attitude and said he said.
10. women who have great principles, and ideas.
11. women who overlook things that do not need, and pay attention to anyone who needs help.
12. women are able to work.
13. women who love to read, write, and then apply it in life.
14. women who maintain the beauty inside and out.
15. woman in charge.
16. Women who are quiet and reflection by the state alone in a state of uncertainty until the grief that deepened the confusion. Sure this will bring big changes in oneself. (I have tried: p)

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