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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I hope you reading this. It's sad, really, seeing all this, It's getting out of control, indeed

This situation is getting out of control. Seriously, why must you hate her? She didn't do anything wrong. Last time I checked, you two were pretty good friends. Now what, you're going to throw your FRIENDSHIP away just because of a guy? Because your friends hang out with her? THROW YOUR JEALOUSY AWAY! IT MAKES YOU MORE UGLY ON THE INSIDE! It's bad enough that you broke off your friendship with her, now you talk bad about her too? And us for being friends with her? 

Listen, you can't control people, your friends. You can't tell them who they can be friends with or not. And we didn't ignore you, we treat you like the usual. But ever since the whole fiasco, you've changed. For the worst. You became more witty and sarcastic. You dropped us, without you realising or not. YOU, out of all people, should know that I don't fight fire with water. I fight with anything that makes the fire bigger. 

You know, we didn't change. Only you. Every single time we mentioned her name, you started to go all emo and ignore us. WHAT THE FUCK. Oh, was that our fault for saying her name? I didn't know her name was a taboo. Let me check the TABOO BOOK.

So, you're mad at her because of a guy? One frickin guy? Oh, pshh! Don't tell me you don't want him to be friends with her! They're just friends, for God's sake! They talked, they laughed. So? You're jealous because of that? Because he didn't talk to you, laugh with you? 

SLUT. That's a big word. I'm fine with everyone calling people bitch. It's what best friends do, calling each other with bad names. I call my friends bitch all the time. But slut? Do you know what slut means? It's like prostitute, you know. You sell your body, and you get money. You called her slut? I don't think she sells her body. And I think she gets money if her family gives her. Or maybe if she has a job. *gasp* Now, do you know what slut means?

We didn't ignore you. We still treat you the same. But you. YOU are the one who treat us like shit. The only reason we 'ignore' you is because you keep talking about childish stuffs. Yes, I admit. I once read and watched them. I rarely watch them now and if I do, I watch them for fun. Except for you, that is. You're... obsessed with it. You're even 'becoming' like those characters. Like what, you ask? ACT CUTE. You scold those who act cute, but please, look in the mirror.

DFAs, you say? Well, at least we're not a hypocrite.


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