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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Im not so ...

I always thought that love wasn't meant for me, love was something from fairy tales and movied. From prince and princesses, in places with rivers and hills. Not for my life. In my life, love hurted, love is painfull, love was my best friend who fell in love with me, but i didn't feel anything for im. Love was not beautiful. That was the day that i swore to myself that i would never fall in love if wasn't real. Love was too big and to scary for me. Iwas okay with the fact that i was alone. Love wasn't meant for me. I took a distance from everybody, built a wall around me. Stone after stone, day after day, love doesn't exist. Love would never rule about me.
Until i met you. You are the only exception, you've changed everything. My sky turned from blue to love. My smile turned from glass to sunshine and love broke down the wall. Stone after stone, day after day, you gave love another dimension, you are love. But you know .... I'm still afraid that love never lasts. That's why I never told you, i'm so afraid ... I wish you knew 

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