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Thursday, July 26, 2012


For me .... he still be " the one and only " although he broke our promises. So hard for me forgetting our memories and so difficulty looking for another person like him. I hope he always happy and enjoyed with him choice. 7 years .... so long and so far between u and me, i've been waiting for you but im never be your favorite, looking me on your shoes, feel embrassed, dissapointed, angry ... but u  never know. I only can go away and run ... run ... run so far from you. I promise u never get me back for second change. If one day you find me, dont ask me about love ... all sense died, ever and foreva ...

I believe, one day my prince will come so i wait for that day, who man can love me with full of heart, respect .... yaaa ... i believe, and Im sure its not YOU

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