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Friday, July 20, 2012

So far away

If you ever leave me, baby, leave some morphine at my door ‘Cause it would take a whole lot of medication to realize what we used to have, we don’t have it anymore. There’s no religion that could save me. No matter how long my leaves are on the floor. So keep in mind all the sacrifices I’m makin’. Will keep you by my side, will keep you from walkin’ out the door.
Cause there’ll be no more sunlight, there’ll be no clear skies, if I lose you, baby. Just let the clouds, I will do the same if you walk away. Everyday, it will rain
I’ll never be your mother’s favorite, Your daddy can’t even look me in the eye, Oooh if I was in their shoes, I’d be doing the same thing. Sayin there goes my little boy walkin’ with that troublesome girl. But they’re just afraid of something they can’t understand. Oooh well little darlin’ watch me change their minds. Yea for you I’ll try I’ll try I’ll try. I’ll pick up these broken pieces ’til I’m bleeding. That’ll make you mine
But I’ll do the same, goodbye, just say, goodbye. That’ll make it right

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