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Friday, August 10, 2012

Letter for u

Hello lovely,

that’s so hard.. I know, because I’ve been through that too. And I had honestly no idea how to deal with it. I still don’t know if there’s a right way.. You can’t make yourself like him like that, and you really shouldn’t force your feelings. If it’s not there, it’s just not there. Maybe you can try to take some distance for a while. Show him you just see him as a friend. Or maybe you should just tell him, but I don’t know.. it’s just difficult. Maybe you can just be honest with him, and say you really don’t know how to handle this, but that your feelings are just the same as his. Or that you’re just pretty confused. 
Maybe you should just not respond too much on all those things, and try not to see him a lot for now. 
I didn’t handle it right, and my friend is not really my friend anymore.. so this is probably one of the hardest questions for me to answer, cause I have no idea how I could’ve handled it better. I mean, he wasn’t angry at me, but it was just not the same. 
Sorry.. I do wish you the best. You can do it

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