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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stay strong

So ,,, I don't want him anymore, because I'm sick and tired of every little piece of bullshit he's put me through.And would you like to know the REAL reason he comes back? Because I’m the only one stupid enough to put up with his lying stupid ass bull shit. I’m the only one who believes all the fucking lies about loving me and never letting me go. Well guess what? IM SO FUCKING TIRED OF IT. I am SO tired of being that complete fucking IDIOT who falls for it every FUCKING TIME. I am SO tired of crying myself too sleep and hurting Over someone who doesn’t spend A QUARTER of the time I spend worrying about him worrying about me. I love myself WAY too much to put up with this anymore. I might not love myself a lot. But I sure as hell respect myself enough for that. Because I HATE this. 

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