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Friday, September 21, 2012

am I awesome ??

You dont always love yourself, do you ? Most of the time you dont. You feel like you're mistakes, a waste of space. This world can live without you, you dont feel love. What is love it anyway ? Where is the love ? At least not where you are it never seemsto be. It's only cold, inside and outside. You feel different, weird, boring and you feel so alone. The night swallows you whole, you drown in the darkness of your tears. It's never enough ... You think you're untalented , unimportant and ugly,, ugly in mirror is a painfull painting , a colourless mess ..

Let me tell you this : You are not enough. You are more than that way way way way way way way moreeeeee. Believe in yourself and never stop fighting. Againts the world. Againts the darkness. Turn the world upside down. You are awesome, You are important, You are talented, You are interesting, special and you are loved .. Maybe not always people you loved but there are people who loved you and if no one loves you... IM HERE . The world is a better place with you in it and I do love you a lot

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