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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miss ma brotha so much ... :'(

Today ... I really missed my brotha so much more, really hurt :'( ... His name is Riadian, we call him " Rian ". He still 18 years old. Now he lives in Jakarta for work in auto 2000. Im very proud with him. He is very smart, clever and humble person. He always understanding my family condition, we are not rich family. My Father was died 7 years ago because of diabets. So ... when Im 18, Im to be family backbone. It's so hard and not easy to be me. But .... My mom and my brother always give me power to be strong. They are very important. Everyone can coming and going everytime they want but not with my mom and rian. They always beside me in every part of my life. I will hard work to make them happy. I always pray may Jesus give love, blessing to my little family .... Amen :)

cassava chips ... the most favorite rian snack
at school 
sleeping handsome .. lol
When primay school .. so cuteee
eating ... by the way he is vegetarian
On swimming pool :D ... How narcissism he is

Rian with friends

(Right) Rian on graduation of  SMK

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